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Five (5) Observable Reasons Why Nigeria Needs to Diversify Her Economy

INTRO: There has never been such consensus on any socio-economic and political issues in Nigeria as there is on the need for the diversification of Nigeria’s economy. This is perhaps because the consequences will know no bounds. Right from 1960s, about the time when a Head of State that ruled Nigeria was reported to have said that Nigeria had money but that the problem was how to spend it, through the very period when another Head of State that ruled Nigeria invited all African countries to come to Lagos with their idols just to dine and wine with Nigeria’s petro-dollars under the code-name FESTAC ’77, to the present 4th Republic, Nigeria’s economy has been a mono-cultural economy in which oil constituted 95% of the Country’s export earning, and 70% of the government’s revenue. Since then, there have been sincere calls for diversification of the economy by revitalizing for instance, the erstwhile neglected Agric. Sector of the economy. Now, one may ask, why does Nigeria needs to diver…

Eight (8) Reasons Why the Nigerian Civil War Broke Out

INTRO: The horrible incidence of civil war between Nigeria and the secessionist Biafra between July 6, 1967 and January 15, 1970 is better imagined than experienced. The bloody war claimed millions of lives of Biafrans especially through the blockade strategy of the war. Several accounts of the war have been written either from experience, careful study, or both, and none of them is pleasurable to read given the reports of tear-jerking humanitarian crises that are rife in those accounts. For instance, the account on the effect of the blockade against Biafra which made the ribs of Biafran children countable, and their bellies floatable out of Kwashiorkor. The accounts advanced several reasons why the war broke out, such as below.
#1 Nigerian Civil War Broke Out as One of the Evils of Colonialism: Nigeria is a product of British colonialism which separated kith and kin, and united total strangers with the errors of the Berlin Conference 1884/85, and the Amalgamation of the Northern and …

Seven (7) Real Reasons Why Buildings Collapse in Nigeria

INTRO: The increasing spate of buildings collapse in Nigeria inspired this post. The most macabre of the horrible incidences was the September 12, 2014 SCOAN Church building collapse in Lagos, Nigeria which claimed a total of 115 lives who were mostly South Africans. The Church argued that the collapse was caused by an unidentified aircraft which allegedly hovered over the building before it crumbled. While the unidentified aircraft theory remains contestable, below are the real reasons why buildings collapse. 
1/ Buildings Collapse Due to Professional Incompetence: Some of the civil engineers parading the streets and offices for contracts are quacks, while majority of them are self-acclaimed. They end up erecting buildings of several architectural infractions. For instance, concrete before being approved is supposed to have passed through three different stages called batching, testing and curing. If a civil engineer hasn’t the full knowledge of these processes, the resultant buildin…

Three (3) Reasons Why Lovers Undergo Blood Test before Marriage

INTRO: They call it pre-wedding blood test. Having decided to say: I do, lovers choose to undergo blood tests in hospitals and laboratories due to a litany of reasons. Good number of these reasons are quite controversial and contestable on religious and social grounds, but knowing the reasons is sacrosanct for making informed decisions, or for giving valuable advice.
1/ Lovers Undergo Pre-wedding Blood Test to Confirm Fertility: The social, psychological and biological implications of infertility is devastating. This forces lovers to subject themselves to fertility tests before taking the plunge into the lifelong marital adventure. While it has been argued in some quarters that the test is not necessary given the fact that it is God that shows mercy, early diagnosis of fertility problems makes timely intervention possible.
2/ Lovers Undergo Pre-wedding Blood Test to Prevent Sickle Cell Disease: This disease is a chronic blood disease which attacks the red blood cells that normally are s…

Five (5) Strong Reasons against Federal Character Principle in Nigeria

INTRO: First muted by Murtala Muhammed in his address to the opening session of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) in 1975, the Federal Character principle is a political instrument of ensuring representativeness of the diverse people of Nigeria in public positions and affairs. It was seen as an oily formula to silence the troubled waters in Nigeria and the panacea to the issue of political economic instability which obstructs the balancing of the North and South on the one hand and the various ethnic groups mainly the three dominant ethnic groups (Igbo, Yoruba and the Hausa/Fulani) and also other minority ethnic groups on the other hand. According to the CDC’s report of 1977, Federal Character refers to the distinctive desire of the peoples of Nigeria to promote national unity, foster national loyalty and give every citizen of Nigeria a sense of belonging to the nation notwithstanding the diversities of ethnic origin, culture, language or religion which may exist and which it…

Five (5) Simple Reasons Citizens Pay Tax

INTRO: The history of taxation is age-long, dating back to 3000 – 2800 BC in ancient Egypt. Tax by definition is a charge (money, in the modern times), imposed by authority on persons, businesses and sales for public use. Oftentimes, tax is seen as a bad and exploitative instrument which government uses to deprive the citizenry of their hard-earned money. In spite of this negative perception, tax remains a civic duty that every citizen must perform so that the state could reciprocate with rights and privileges. There are several reasons for which citizens pay tax. For instance:
1/ Citizens Pay Tax to Enable the Government Provide Public Services:Public services are range of utilities that only the government can offer at prices with little or no profit, such as security, education, communication and health services. Governments provide these services to the citizens using the tax-payers’ money. Paying taxes simply puts more money in the public coffers for those services, and also justi…